Standard Banner Ads

1. Standard Banner Ads

Creative constructed in standard web-image formats, such as GIF, JPEG, PNG as well as single file flash (SWF) executions of any of the dimensions listed below are considered standard banner ads. Such creative may be hosted by Morrison Media’s internal adserving system or delivered via JavaScript redirect tags hosted by a third party ad-serving vendor.
Executions involving audio, video, datacapture etc. are considered as rich media banners and are required to be hosted by a third party ad serving vendor.
Ad Unit
File Format
Max File Size
Back Up Creative
728 x 90 px
flash, gif, jpeg
30kb flash / 20kb gif/jpeg
If you have supplied a Flash file and wish to have a fallback option for devices which do not support flash, please supply a jpeg/gif/png version in addition to your Flash file.
Medium Rectangle
300 x 250px
flash, gif, jpg
30kb flash / 20kb gif/jpg
300 x 600px
flash, gif, jpg
30kb flash / 20kb gif/jpg
Small Rectangle
180 x 150px
flash, gif, jpeg
30kb flash / 20kb gif/jpeg
Please Note
The code below is AS2 (Action Script 2.0). To track clicks from your flash ads, the following code must be inserted into the button within your flash creative. This must be defined as being on a button instance. The clicktag variable is case-sensitive and must be specified as “clickTAG”. Download the pre-prepared templates above if you are unfamiliar with Actionscript 2.0

on (release)

getURL (_level0.clickTAG, “_blank”) ; 

{rokbox album=|standard| title=|Standard Banner Ads :: IAB Standard Ad Units Leaderboard, Small Rectangle, Medium Rectangle and Half Page Sizes| size=|912 732|}images/examples/standard-banners/*{/rokbox}